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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
6:17 pm
Damien Reloaded
Damon gave up worrying about the black sedan that had followed him for the past four nights and walked home from Readings. It was nothing he convinced himself. His new flat was in Newton.

Tonight was raining and the street lights were out near his place. Never mind. He used his key ring light to locate the keyhole and unlock the wooden door. Then sudden movement and a solid blow to the back of his head knocked him out.

The clinical white walls and glaring light assaulted his senses when he awakened. A flickering light in his peripheral vision distracted him and his head throbbed. Not from where he'd been hit, but more like it was from within.

"Welcome home, Damien, we thought we'd lost you," a female's voice said. It sounded familiar. "How are you feeling Damien?"

Damon paused. He felt a sense of panic inside him. Anxiety. Old feelings. Old thoughts. The voice. So familiar. Whose voice? Her voice. A soft voice. A calm voice. A menacing voice.

"You've been forgetting your medication."

Dr Simmons.

"Do you remember?" she asked him. "Do you remember who you really are, Damien?"

And he did. He remembered everything. He really was Damien Conners, the sad obsessive-compulsive anti-social pyromaniac paranoid freak who thought he could escape that reality and tried to fake his death to live out his fantasy. He'd wanted to be normal. But he wasn't normal. He deserved this. He was back where he belonged.

Damien Conners. Mind Control test subject. Guinea pig. Loser.

"You must remember Damien. You should not have escaped. You are dangerous. But we've got you back. You're safe now Damien. We'll look after you forever. You must not escape again Damien. It's not safe for you outside. You know this. You must remember."

Damien screamed. He knew the truth. Damon was a lie.

He sobbed uncontrollably as the multi-faceted probe edged ever closer.

Damien knew the truth.

He was finally home.

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
10:31 pm
Damon - A New Me
New JobCollapse )

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9:57 pm
Damon - Time Out
Time OutCollapse )

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Monday, September 19th, 2005
12:45 pm
Cassie's reactions
Read this one first
Three things

Then the sequel.
A Deal Struck

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
3:38 pm
News Report : The Babies That Won't Sleep
Concerns are being raised about a sudden rash of mothers from the Newlands area who are reporting that their children, most of whom are under 18 months, do not get enough sleep.

Dr. Anne Calhoun of the Newlands Medical Centre says that she and her colleagues are reluctant to prescribe sleeping pills to children of this age, but the lack of sleep is seriously affecting the babies health and growth, not to mention disrupting sleeping patterns for the rest of the family.

Mrs. Gwen Farfoi, whose year-old daughter Nancy is one of those affected, says that she seems to be terrified of being placed in her cot, and cries and screams as soon as her mother leaves the room. The only sleep that Nancy has got has been while in the presence of her mother, but as soon as her Mother falls asleep as well, the child starts crying. Mrs. Farfoi and her husband Mr. Greg Farfoi, have taken turns staying with Nancy, but it is making their life difficult, especially when Mr Farfoi, a truck driver, is away from home.

Dr. Calhoun has asked for assistance from various specialists but none of them have an explanation for why this sudden epidemic of sleepless babies has occurred. One specialist, who did not wish to be named, suggested that maybe it was related to the intense sunspot activity currently causing a G4 class storm in the Earth's geomagnetic field. Other professionals found this suggestion risible.

Mothers whose children are experiencing difficulty sleeping are encouraged to take then to their local GP. In serious cases sedatives may be available or the child may be admitted to hospital where a continuous watch may be kept. Several children are currently under care at Wellington Hospital suffering from sleep deprivation.
3:14 pm
Atop The Mountain
The small group of naked, tattooed, and scarred people stand in foot-deep snow holding hands.

The blue fire in their centre burns atop the snowdrift, though there is no obvious fuel for it. Any normal fire would also be affected by the howling wind, but it burns as if it exists in a space separate from this blizzard. Likewise the people. Though their hair whips about in the icy blast, they seem unaffected by the weather.

They chant, Indian mantras mixed with Tibetan chants and a Celtic thrumming. As the chants crescendo, the blue flame raise impossibly higher, ignoring the tearing wind, until their height exceeds that of the tallest person present. The oldest, most scarred, and most tattooed, amongst them, shocking pink welts of recent scars still visible across his chest, raises his hands and breaks the circle

"My eyes will watch, in order that we can learn from what we encounter.
My teeth will wait, ready to bite hard on the cord, should it need to be severed.
My arms shall guard my flanks and prepare to smite her if she resists"

"I go now, following the will of the Dark Mother, to return the Tooth of Krarsht to Her maw, that She may better devour us all, begin the new cycle, and usher in the Fourth Age.
We might as well teach our little traitor a lesson too, while we're down there. Agharti!"

He walks in to the flame, which licks his body and devours it until he disappears from view. Two men follow him and are also consumed by the fire. The two women move closer to the flame and join hands, the impossible blue flame threatening to devour them if they get too close.

There is malice in the eyes of the two women, as their fingers lock, for a brief moment they struggle, trying to pull one or the other into the flames, and then, their weaknesses tested, their hatred made plain, they lock their fingers tighter and start chanting again.

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Thursday, August 11th, 2005
1:47 pm
Friday, August 5th, 2005
7:37 pm
Wherever I May Roam
Damon wandered the dark streets from Hutt Hospital to central Lower Hutt. He recalled the words of a favourite song as he moved.

Wherever I May Roam...Collapse )

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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
9:27 am
Where to from here Mr Gray?
[OOC: obviously this has nothing to do with Cassie, this is the only account I have that views game_ic]

Ari sat on the edge of pier and looked out over the harbour. In the still night air the song of sirens could be heard. Damon sat next too him, a tightly wound ball of potential and energy. The next few days were going to be very important to both of them.

"It's a rush isn't it?"

Damon looked at him, gave a slightly crazy smile; "Yeah."

Ari turned to face him: "Look Damon, to be honest, I am impressed. I didn't expect you to come through this in the way you have. You have just done the one of the hardest things in the world. Remember this night always. It is the benchmark of your new existence. Also remember, you have died, you need not fear death any more."

Damon nodded.

"Heh, it's funny. I was in India a while ago and I heard of this crazy tradition that some of the smaller communities have. See when a person daclares themselves bankrupt they build a coffin and get in it. Then their friends and family carry the coffin around the court house three times to prove that the person is dead. After that all their debts are cleared because they are dead, they are no longer under the law. That's you Damon. You are no longer under the law of this world."

[OOC: this is true, this really happens in parts of India]

Damon nodded again.

"But there's a catch see? There are bigger laws than those made by man..."

"Natural laws?"

"Hmm...more like Supernatural Laws. You encountered one tonight. Paradox. There are others, and you're gonna need to know them if your to survive in this 'Brave New World'. You have some choices to make. The first of your new life. You need to choose your path. The way I see it you have three choices. You stick with me and I'll make sure you get training, I'll do some of it myself and I'll get others to do the rest. You look for someone else to train you. I don't think there is anyone really here in Wellington who'll be your kind of thing, but there might be, we could track some of them down. Or, you can go it alone. Obviously I'm gonna recommend the sticking with me, and you could say I'm biased but let me tell you why you are a natural candidtae for the Euthanatos."


Ari smiled: "The simple answer is that you have lived it. Y'see the whole Euthanatos thing is about unlocking potential in others. We find people who are holding on past when they should have let go. People like Damien Conners, and we release them. Typically people fight this because they are holding on so tightly, usually because they are afraid to let go. We help them to let go, to move on. Just like I helped you move on. You have been through the process, you understand now why it is importnant." Ari stopped, and looked out over the midnight waters of the harbour.

"I should be clear about this. It's not about the killing. The killing is a means to an end. Y'see Damon, I was a soldier once. I was trained to kill. But in our training we were told that killing is the last resort. Sure, in war time you are forced to that last resort all the time, but it is the last resort. The same applies here y'know. Killing is the final step. We Euthanatos call it the Good Death."


Ari grinned wolfishly; "I remember asking my mentor that same question. Here's what she told me. It's a Good Death because it increases the Good in the world. It's a Good Death because it's for people who won't let life go to try again. It's a Good Death because sometimes it is for the greater Good that people die. I can understand that. I've met people like that before and you just have this feeling, that they are hanging on past their rightful time."

"People die all the time. Thousand's every day. Disease, starvation, war, famine, violence are all everyday relaities for most of the world. But sometimes there are people who don't die when they should. People like Damien Conners who have become sop trapped in thier existence that they can't let it go, even when it starts to eat them up form the inside. These are the people that I come too. People who are hanging on for dear life when they should be letting themselve go into the great cycle of life and death, releasing their potential to try again."

"I suppose you could call me a serial killer."

Damien started a little

"But you'd be wrong. Serial Killers kill to fulfill their own needs, their own compulsions and dark desires. Serial Killers are as selfish as you can get, living entirely for themselves totally at the expense of others. If anything I am a killer of Serial Killers. The reality is that there are people in this world who have opted out, Serial Killers are one example, it's a part of our job to take them out when society can't do that for itself. If you like we are the supernatural agents of Karma working to ensure that everything is moving towards a greater good by weeding out the dead elements of society. That's what we Euthanatos do. There are many who don't understand us, many who hate us for what we do. It is not a popular path, but it is a necessary one. In essence we give our lives in service to the wider community, forcing the forces for stagnation to change, sometimes at the point of a sword. Does that make sense?"

Ari looked back at Damon, seeing how he was soaking up this new information.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
1:01 pm
1:29 pm
Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Cross was deeply concerned. Not for Damien's well-being, but more for the fact that there had been a psychotic fruit-loop in the middle of the community, living right beneath his nose, undetected.

This is what the fire and crime scene investigators found ...Collapse )
Monday, July 18th, 2005
11:33 pm
11:00 pm
4:27 pm
Sunday, July 17th, 2005
12:29 am
Get Lost!
Getting lost

[OOC: Even I didn't see this coming. I just thought she needed to cut her ties to Dr Allen, and look what she made happen!]

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Saturday, July 16th, 2005
11:54 am
She's got a gun!
NB: Scene occurs after the confrontation on the waterfront with Kalki, and is compiled from inter-player email
[Back at Jason's place]

"Em, why do you have a shotgun? I mean a baseball bat I understand, but a fucking shotgun?"

Jason looks nervous - he clearly feels he wants to talk to Emily about his, but doesn't want to drive her away.

"Jason", says Emily looking like she's about to try and explain how to make a steak sandwich to a vegan "this tattooed witchdocter guy, he's a serial killer. He tortures woman to death and eats their eyeballs. There's no magic policemen to take him away to magic prison - I've got this shotgun, because if I get the chance I'm going to kill him - before he kills us."

"I know. There's no-one that can help us. I mean, fuck, the police can barely help with normal criminals, and the way he disappears - there's no way to lock someone up like that. The only way we're going to stop this fucker is to put him down ourselves. This is heavier than I'm used to - I mean I stabbed the guy. And you know what - I don't regret it. At all. And that worries me a bit. I guess you're more used to this shit than I am".

Jason's quite animated - like he's letting it all out.

Emily shakes her head - "It doesn't make you bad to hurt a fucker like that. It doesn't mean you're going to go out and start stabbing people on the street for loose change. It's not just about who you are, it's about who he is, see?"

She kicks the bag.

"Ya-know, I've never even fired one of these things before. Yeah, and it's as hot as hell, I know some rough people myself."

"Yeah, I guess. Just never thought - I never thought I'd need to worry about this sorta shit? You know? I mean, I always figued the worst I'd ever have to deal with is a mugging or a barfight. And that's cool - I can handle that. But the idea that there's this guy out there, and it's kill or be killed, that takes a bit of getting used to. I mean, I guess you've got the right idea. Got something to protect yourself. It just shocked me a bit."

"Sure it all bothers you, if you didn't think about it to start with, it'd probably mean you were a bit dim in the imagination department. The important thing is that you were cool when the shit went down. You got the right stuff, that's what counts."

"You seem to have it more together with this shit than I do."

'Emily' shrugs and grins. "Hey hero" she says, putting her arms around Jason's neck "I think you're gonna find I'm full of surprises."
9:40 am
Damien blinked. Another tear slid down his face.
Ari was mocking him. Provoking him.

So cold here. So dark. And Joy lay there, so vulnerable.

Ari laughed.

Damien shuddered and lowered the gun, but held it limply in his hand. He felt the tension build across his shoulders and down his spine and he wished he could go to a happy place. He thought about this and recalled things he wrote a long time ago, when he felt so pained. It was 'therapy' Dr Simmons had told him at that time.

PsychologicalCollapse )

DecisionCollapse )

YearningCollapse )

Somehow these words from his past haunted him and, oddly, they seemed relevant to him now.

Damien blinked again and refocused. He shook his head and looked down at the gun in his hand. He looked at Joy and felt worried. She hadn't moved since their escape and arrival here. No-one else knew they were here. And Ari was a self-confessed killer-for-hire.

And something within Damien changed. He felt a surge of strength, some inkling of his power. Slowly and surely he raised his head and glared at Ari, enraged.

"I'm going to make your nose bleed now," Damien threatened. And he focused his anger and pain on Ari's face, imagining that blood was beginning to flow. "How dare you mock me. I don't like it. And Joy wouldn't like you making fun of me either."

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Sunday, July 10th, 2005
6:12 pm

This is set before Mentor and Student, and Awakening
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
10:50 pm
Narrative StoryCollapse )
An account of Joy and Damien's arrival into hiding, after the Kr4k3n taxi ride.

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1:31 pm
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